Clean tanks need a think tank.

A highly efficient washing installation not only requires state-of-the-art technology, but also well-trained employees and sophisticated processes. As a customer-oriented service provider we consider know-how to be the key quality factor. Because what at first seems like hard manual work is actually a matter of the head: Every cleaning process must be adapted to the relevant tank lorry and the bulk material involved. The technical systems including computer controls are not only highly complex, but also change all the time, as we are constantly upgrading to the latest technological standards. All members in our team therefore take part in intensive training, are individually trained and undergo regular advanced training to ensure that they are adequately skilled to carry out their work responsibly. That also applies to TTC management. For it is responsible for efficient processes, maximum cleaning and work safety, and good working conditions for its staff.

Many Reasons Why You Should my work us:
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Ali Razzouki
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