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HACCP Certification

The HACCP certification is a preventive system to ensure the safety of food and protection of consumers. Based on a NASA program, it analyses processes for risks and critical control points.

It requires:

• An analysis of all existing risks for the tolerability of food

• Identification of the critical control points

• A definition of intervention limits for the control points

• Processes for continuous monitoring of food safety

• A definition of corrective measures in case of deviations

• Control measures for establishing whether the system is suitable to guarantee food safety

• Documentation of the system and creation of records
 Applicable EU law defines that only foods that fulfill the HACCP Guidelines may be traded within the Union.
 These Guidelines also regulate the documentation of hygiene measures applied at the enterprises.

The SQAS Testing System

or spelled out: Safety and Quality Assessment System: a testing system that has been developed by a European working group of the chemicals industry and logistics providers.
 Based on a standardized and comprehensive catalog of questions, safety and quality standards in logistics and transport services have been assessed.
 The evaluated company receives a written confirmation of the assessment.

ECD Cleaning Document

The European Cleaning Document (ECD) has been developed in cooperation by several European institutions and it documents performed cleaning services in detail.
 This form guarantees a high standard Europe-wide for the cleaning of tanks and is an important document for quality assurance.

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